Dean Derby the founder of Standard Valuations

About Our Founder

Dean Derby, the founder of Standard Valuations, didn’t begin his career in the financial industry. He began as a defensive back with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dean was the Steelers’ defensive captain and defensive signal caller from 1957 to 1961. He used statistical analysis to help predict how the other teams would call their plays, and how to best counter their strategies.

Determination, hard work, and commitment allowed him to lead the league in interceptions, and be awarded All Pro distinction in 1959. It is the same commitment to excellence that made him one of the leading innovators during the early years of the performance measurement industry.

In the early 1970’s Dean was inspired by Hubert Humphrey with an idea. It was the advent of ERISA pension funds and Humphrey expressed his concern that these funds needed independent consulting. At that time many of the companies that provided such services were also involved in managing money or selling services to money managers. Standard Valuations’ approach was to serve trustees of pension funds by concentrating exclusively on independent performance measurement. This meant that he could serve funds with integrity and with absolutely no conflict of interest.

This idea and its execution have served our clients well over the years. Standard Valuations has led the way in the performance measurement industry. It has done this by providing reports that are accurate, clearly stated and highly relevant for the trustees charged with overseeing the fund.  It has also provided consulting services that have enabled trustees to uphold and enhance their fiduciary responsibilities to their funds and participants. By providing services that are truly committed to excellence, Standard Valuations has grown to service over 80 clients across North America.